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Customer Support
Customer Support

Primary Support live chat here (prefer this one)

Mailbox: service88@igcoin.com
Yahoo: igcoin88
Skype Name: igcoin
Skype Nickname: igcoin service

Be careful the skype scammer when you adding us !

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Thank you very much for You can choose us when you want sell your virtual currency for real money, Such as Sell WOW Gold, Sell Knight Noah, Sell Runescape Gold, Sell Cabal Alz, Sell Nostale Gold, Sell FFXIV Gil, Sell Flyff Penya and many more. Please check our game list bellow. There is a guide to help you how to trade.

Trade Guide:
1) Choose your game and server.
2) Fill information required for a smooth transaction and submit your order.
3) Contact our live customer support or messengers to process your order.
4) Login game and wait for instruction.
5) Deliver your gold and taking correct trade screenshot in game.
6) Payment will be sent right after confirmation gold received.
7) Transaction complete.
8) Keys or game cards will be sent to your email or messengers after gold arrival.

You should contact our customer service when you submitted your order. Because different games have different delivery ways. Transaction will be conducted by face-to-face trade, Auction house trade, Guild trade or Mail system.

So we will discuss the delivery place in game and method after you contact us. We trade our game cdkey and game time card for your virtual currency.

Payment will be sent immediately after gold reveived in-game. There are several common methods of payment: PayPal, LibertyReserve, Western Union.